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Perfect Photograph Start From CLEANING !

Professional Lens Pen & Brush

Model No: V-P01-E

VSGO is a professional digital product cleaning brand specialized in professional sensor and lens cleaning. VSGO provides professional OEM for all enterprises and has gone into partnership on OEM with world-class brands and ensures high quality of their products.
VSGO V-P01-E Lens pen is a premium lenspen for outdoor cleaning. Suitable for lenses, viewfinders and LCD screens. You can use this on all digital cameras and lenses: DSLR, mirrorless, compact cameras,...
In the box:
- VSGO V-P01-E Lens pen
Lens pen
on one side there is a brush. It's a soft and fine high grade nylon brush for cleaning dust without damaging coatings of the lens. On the other end of the Lens Pen, there is an active carbon material (nanometer size) that absorbs oil stains and fingerprints with ease.

Dedusting Soft Brush Camera Cleaning Lens Pen

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