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KONO! is European company that sells a variety of film products that have been "pre-exposed, produced or reanimated on machines" designed by the company, according to its website. 


There are beautiful light leak like effects on SUNSTROKE.


ISO 200,36 exp. Process C41, created by hand using "The Reanimator"- a device developed by KONO! High quality pre-expose process for great results. Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan KONO! films.


Photographers: Emily Gildenberg, Cesar Capataz, Zoë, Cam Shaw, Local Canada, KONO!


Models: Sonia Tiger, Sabina Sorge, EZRAKH, Cam Shaw, Sammy the cat


- Colour negative film 35mm
- 200 ISO
- 36 exposure
- C-41 process



KONO! Original Sunstroke 200 ISO 35mm C-41 Movie Film (36exp)

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