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  • A new and upgraded version including stereo output for the romance of the 80’s cassette player
  • One cassette player, two possibilities
  • The iconic transparent case design, with a new semi-transparent matte body
  • Upgraded functions for more convenient use


 “IT’S OK”, only music can heal me.


One cassette player, two possibilities


This is a generation in which almost everyone owns a pair of Bluetooth headphones. IT’S OK TOO allows you to enjoy the sound of the 1980s with the most comfortable and accustomed Bluetooth headset when you need to be alone. You will no longer be limited by the 3.5mm wire. Whether you are on the bus, doing housework, or at work, you can listen anywhere and anytime.


You can connect IT’S OK TOO to a Bluetooth speaker to share music with you friends at a party, at home, or at the office.


IT’S OK TOO’s Bluetooth 5.0 function is not only compatible with devices which have lower Bluetooth speeds, but it can also increase the speed and transmission range. Compared with the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has a longer transmission distance and faster speed. Generally, the effective range is 300 meters, which allows the whole family or office to connect stably to the device. The fastest speed can reach 2Mbps, making Bluetooth devices with faster response and higher performance more likely to be used.


The iconic transparent case design, with a new matte body


The second generation IT’S OK TOO cassette player retains the iconic transparent case design of the first generation. The transparent cover allows the listener to show the cassette tape currently playing and integrates different colors and unique beauty of a cassette tape as part of the device. Continuing the 80’s design concept, the body is a semi-transparent matte material, with a bright yellow or subtle black and white color to create a retro style. IT’S OK TOO has three color options: yellow, white, and black.

NINMLab IT'S OK TOO Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Tape Player & Recorder (WHITE)

SKU: 4897097510323
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