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Ready To Write 2.pdf




A: The key is to use the two very fast CSV writers, found here, which have the capability to write multiple csv files. Then to use a simple loop to write each file to the destination location. Example: import csv import pandas as pd def write_csv(writer, df, path_to_csv): writer.writerow(df.to_csv()) csv_file_list = [ 'C:/Users/joe/desktop/out2.csv', 'C:/Users/joe/desktop/out2.csv' ] writer = pd.ExcelWriter(path_to_csv) for csv_file in csv_file_list: write_csv(writer, pd.read_csv(csv_file), csv_file) EDIT: If you don't want to bother creating the 2 csv files in advance then you can do this with just one csv file: df.to_csv(writer, index=False) writer.writerow(df) "I guess we'll just have to sit here and wait for them to make it official." "I'll take you back to the fair." "Okay." "Will you tell me a story?" "Sure." "I used to live in Florida." "My grandma used to take me on the beach." "Then I went to college and I stopped having time for vacations." "Until I met you." "What happened to your grandma?" "Oh." "She died." "That's sad." "I never knew that about you." "I know." "It's a little weird." "This is her favorite." "It's the first one that I read to her." "I made it up." "Does it




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Ready To Write 2.pdf

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