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YASHICA, Japanese Camera Brand since 1949. For the 70th anniversary of YASHICA, our team has embarked upon another comeback of the timeless film cameras with our novel project, YASHICA Absolute


Designated for captivating worthwhile moments, MF-2 invites you to take a moment to think, feel and immerse in the details of the surroundings in order to perfect film photo. In the process of seeing life through the lens, be aware of the presence, slow down and connect the pieces in life.


Film : 35mm

Camera type : Autofocus

Lens : Yashica lens 38mm/f1.7

Focus Range : 1 m to infinity

Shutter speeds : 1/100, 1/60 for flash

ISO value : 100, 400ASA

Flash distance : 0.4m~ 2.5m

Size : 128x 75x 35mm

Weight : <500gr

Self-timer : absent

Battery : 2A X 2

Yashica MF-2 Vintage 35mm Film Camera (New)

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